A scene that starts with a panoramic view of a Mountain range, followed by the enchanting view of the Forest floor. The rustling of the trees, the tricking water from the stream and the singing of birds. Magic. Then, add the sound of a wooden ball slowing descending down a neatly lined row of wood against the forest slope. Each drop forms the notes of Bach’s Jesu,Joy of Man’s Desiring . The sounds of nature and Bach is a wonderful treat to the ears. I love how everything draws you into a  world of pure  bliss.

Perfect harmony, how everything falls into place in such order and how each living thing  compliment each other. I find it difficult to imagine this scene associated with technology. We have always been fed by images of the future filled with machines and pollution. However, this video shows that the future can be very advanced yet look as fresh as the beginning of time (if we can only keep the environment alive for a least a few more decades). Now let’s buy that cellphone!

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